domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010


I was in that room
And my soul quivered
I vowed not to return...

The stench of sweat and opium
The bodies of semen and beast
Clenched of orgasm,
Deprived of might.

I was in that room
And was called to join in.
But I thanked and squatted aside
Like a hostage in a bunker.

Amidst the smoke I saw the Creature
Smiling gently, then drooling blood.
"You will enjoy it", It whispered;
I ran away instead.

Today I am back in the hallway.
In the end a red haze,
Through it all a dim light.
A roaring laugh again,
The joy at Dante's inferno

I stand there waiting, remembering
Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Saint Augustine.
I am back at the crossroads
Desperate for some innocence and mercy

How many times will God forgive me?...

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